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Mount Athos: A Visit to the Holy Mountain

Christ is Risen!

There are so many wonderful videos available on YouTube, and I feel like making a few more of those videos available to people here on my blog. These two videos make up the 60 Minutes story on Mt Athos that ran last Easter season. There are multiple interviews with monks, as well some of the incredible sights and sounds of the Holy Mountain. Watching this piece really took me back to my time at this holy place. And, all in all, it’s a decent piece. Enjoy!



Post by Matthew Jackson


Elder Ephraim on ‘The Spiritual War’

I have seen this video before, but came upon it again today and have greatly enjoyed seeing it again. In it, the Elder speaks to a parish in Pittsburg about living the Christian life, which is often discussed in terms of spiritual warfare both in Holy Scripture and by the Fathers of the Church. I think that watching this video on the heels of Pascha is wonderful timing – reminding us of our high calling from Christ, bestowed upon mankind by His Holy Death and Resurrection. Let us hold tight to our dear Christ, and wage the warfare by His mercy. Christ is Risen!

In the video, there is an introduction by the parish priest, then Elder Ephraim will speak a bit in Greek, and the priest will translate into English. I love watching the Elder speak…his body language brings to my mind the word guileless. A delightful video which I hope you enjoy.

Post by Matthew Jackson