St. Ambrose of Optina also said: “St. Gregory Dialogist wrote about what price we have to pay to acquire the Kingdom of Heaven. It has no exact price. Every one has to give everything he has. The Apostle Peter gave his nets and received the heavenly kingdom; the widow gave two mites; whoever has a million dollars, let him give that; and whoever has nothing, let him give his freedom.”

What a powerful quote, especially the line “every one has to give everything he has.” In seeking the Kingdom of Heaven, we can hold nothing back for ourselves. We must give everything in our life to Christ. If I choose to follow Christ, everything then belongs to Him – my body, my mind, my soul, my possessions, my time, my money, everything is Christ’s. Let us struggle, then, to hold nothing back from our Lord. There is no part of our life which is hidden from Him, so everything should be offered freely to Him.

Author Matthew Jackson