Elder Joseph with his synodia (brotherhood)

“A true [Christian] must occupy himself day and night with the contemplation of God, whether he is eating, sleeping, working, or walking. God is the one closest to us, with Whom we may speak continuously. For God is in your sight; God is in your nous, in your speech, in your breath, in your food – wherever you look, God is there. In Him we live and move (Acts 17:28); He holds us in His bosom. So cry out constantly, ‘My dear God, do You like this? My dear God, is that Your will?’ Day and night, constantly speak to God with all the simplicity of a son towards his father. Then you feel the love of the Father and His divine protection. Then you love, since you are loved, and you are afraid lest you violate His divine will. You tremble lest you sadden your good Father, Who showed you so much love without any self-interest; it is for you that He died on the Cross.”

excerpt from “Monastic Wisdom,” p 242, Letter 48

Post by Matthew Jackson