Fr. John said: “A strange illness has appeared in our days – the passion for distractions. Never before was there such a desire for distractions; people have forgotten how to lead a serious life for the good of others; they have no spiritual life and are bored. They exchange the profound content of a spiritual life for distractions! What madness! It is here that pastors must deploy their strength: they must re-introduce into life its lost meaning and give back to the people the knowledge of the true purpose of life.”

St. John reposed in 1908. Imagine how many more distractions we have today, and how much we have continued to give ourselves to these distractions. We have television, radio, internet – all of these things available wherever we are, even on our mobile telephones. We are a generation even more desirous of distractions! These distractions keep us from attending to the one thing meaningful – we give our time to distractions and then find that we have no time for prayer, spiritual readings, or growing closer to Christ. When we spend our time idly, we fail to spend that time growing in our knowledge of both God and of ourselves.

Let us struggle to heed the words of St. John – let us not exchange the pearl of great price, the one thing needful, the profound content of the spiritual life, for the passing and failing distractions of this fallen and sinful world.

Author Matthew Jackson