I am very happy to have been asked to review the newly published book Elder Anthimos of St Anne’s by Dr Charalambos Bousias. God has graciously granted our generation a number of godly and heavenly men – Elder Joseph the Hesychast, Elder Paisios, Elder Porphyrios, Elder Sophrony, and others. The godly Elder Anthimos joins his voice to that very choir of heavenly saints.

This book reminds me of the other books I have read about modern Athonite Elders. It allows us a peek into their God-pleasing lives – a glimpse of the Heavenly Kingdom. Elder Anthimos is truly a wise and God-bearing contemporary Father of Athos, as the book title conveys.

He left the world to cling only to our Saviour at the Holy Skete of St Anne. Life there was physically difficult, yet the Elder’s obedience and fervor for Christ led him ever deeper into the mystery of life in Christ. He was ordained priest after only 6 years on the Mountain, and served as a sacred Spiritual Father for many both on and off the Holy Mountain. Because he was an initiate into the Mysteries of the Christian life, he was able to guide souls to the haven of salvation in Christ.

Learning of his life is very edifying, and this book is blessed in that it conveys to us that life.

But this book does much more. The contents include the Elder’s biography, various quotes of his teachings, signs and wonders, excerpts from his letters, and various articles written about the Holy Elder. It gives us a wonderful vision and word from the Elder.

Unlike any other book I’ve encountered in English translation, this book also includes texts for the services dedicated to the Elder (Vespers, Matins, Supplicatory Canon). Now, after we read of this Holy Elder and develop a love and a veneration for his life in Christ, we can also sing his praises and beg for his prayers for us at the throne of Almighty God.

Holy Father Anthimos, pray to the merciful God that our souls may be saved!

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