“The impact of the finding that many vaccines are derived from aborted fetal cell lines is potentially enormous, given the great number of people who define themselves as Pro Life…I would anticipate that many of the people who object to use of aborted fetal tissues for scientific research are going to be shocked and outraged when they learn that their children have been secretly injected with vaccines containing DNA, proteins, or related cellular debris from cell cultures derived from aborted human fetuses.”

Perhaps I am a bit behind, but this article – One of the Most Inexcusable Vaccine Revelations of All… – was filled with information that I was totally ignorant of before I read the article. The revelations are sickening – vaccines being grown in cell cultures that came from murdered human children.

The stance of the Orthodox Church towards abortion is very clear. I would encourage people to go and read this article – and take the time to read the entire thing (there is a short part at the beginning, but keep scrolling and the vast majority of the information is a bit below that).

**This posting in no way endorses the particular site the article came from nor the views endorsed there – the post exists to get this information about the vaccines in the US out there to the public.