It seems as though the homilies regularly posted on this blog will now also be featured on the Orthodox Christian Network. This will begin in print (as cross-posted copies of the homilies slightly modified for the new audience), and sometime next year we will also experiment with audio recordings of delivered homilies to be posted as well. Please keep this new opportunity for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your prayers. More information on OCN below:

Orthodox Christian Network

Orthodox Christian Network (OCN), an agency of SCOBA, has been established to create a national, sustainable and effective media witness for the Orthodox Christian Church in North America. OCN produces high-quality programs and media tools for local parishes that reach people for Christ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The mission of OCN is to strengthen the Orthodox communities of North America and to share the timeless faith of Orthodoxy with the contemporary world by using modern media: radio, the Internet, podcasts, DVDs, television and more. The vision of OCN is to inspire the faithful everywhere; raise up our children; call back the wayward; and reach beyond to our cities and towns with the joyful, Christ-centered message of the Orthodox Christian Church.

Current Programs and Services
Come Receive the Light: a weekly radio program heard in 100 cities in the U.S. and the Bahamas.
The Ark: a 24/7 Internet radio station with contemporary Orthodox music and teaching programs with some of the best Orthodox speakers in North America.
The Rudder: a 24/7 Internet radio station with traditional Orthodox chant from around the world and the same teaching programs and special features as the Ark.
Podcasts: including archives of CRTL and other special features, interviews, and programs.
Sunday’s Divine Liturgy: broadcast online live from St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL (home of OCN).
Parish Arks: 24/7 Internet radio stations for local parishes. OCN partners with parishes who creates a customized version of the Ark that features local programming for each parish. a popular Web site that hosts the programs listed above and other material.