I know that I am not in the habit of posting anything here of a ‘personal’ nature, but since I have not posted anything new in a few weeks I want to offer a brief explaination for those of you who are regular readers. I am currently having some health issues (not life threatening, just painful) that have led to a drastic reduction in my work–and also in my writing. Please keep me in your prayers, and I hope to begin posting homilies again this coming weekend, and classes again in January.

But I won’t let this post be all about me–I would like to highly recommend a newly published book, The Enlargement of the Heart: “Be ye also enlarged” (2 Cor. 6:13) in the Theology of Saint Silouan the Athonite and Elder Sophrony of Essex by Archimandrite Zacharias, published by Mount Thabor Publishing.

This book is based on a series of lectures given by the author in Wichita, Kansas. This work is just wonderful-words to describe it are inadequate. [It would be good to have previously read any of the other books about St. Silouan, but not necessary.] The website explains, “The Enlargement of the Heart is an astoundingly majestic presentation of the nature and purpose of human existence in two of the most important figures in contemporary Orthodoxy: St. Silouan the Athonite (1866–1938) and Elder Sophrony of Essex (1896–1993).”

Some of the comments from back of the book read-
“We have just received something precious; we are participating in Tradition in a very ‘existential’ way.”
The Right Reverend Basil Essey
Bishop of Wichita

“The writings of Archimandrite Zacharias evince that inspiration which is born of the undistorted vision of Christ in glory.”
Christopher Veniamin
Professor of Patristics
Saint Tikhon’s Seminary, USA