The sister parish of the Church I am assigned to–the parish in which most of the members of my parish came into the Orthodox Churth–is celebrating a huge event in the life of their parish. A MOVE! Information can be found at

  • Holy Resurrection’s Website
  • Article about the move from the Clarion Ledger (the local MS paper)
  • There is even an article in Russian on the Moscow Patriarchate website about the move! Read it in Russian

  • HERE
  • or in English translation (by a Russian parishoner in Clinton) below.

    Protestant Prayer Houses, abandoned by its parishioners, are being rebuilt into Orthodox Churches.
    Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Clinton, Mississippi will reside in a former Presbyterian prayer house. Holy Resurrection Church congregation, who bought this sharp pointed building, had to do a lot of work, drastically changing the appearances of the Church: they had to remove the organ, pews and priests cathedra ( I am not sure how it is called in English – place where priest stays during the service and address people). They also removed the carpet, and uncovered the floor covered with tile. Orthodox Denomination at the American South is growing rapidly, according to the news site There approximately two million orthodox Christians of different jurisdictions in the USA. There are about sixty new Orthodox Churches and missions opened in the South of the United States within the last thirty years. Often
    Orthodox Congregations occupy protestant prayer houses, abandoned by its members.

    May our Lord continue to richly bless the mission of this Holy Church to the people of central Mississippi!