For many of the spiritual disciples of Elder Joseph the Hesychast living throughout the world today, our only access to the Elder is through his writings, and the few books that have been written about him. Our only other access is through those who are blessed to be his spiritual grandchildren and such. In all of the literature about the Elder, his co-struggler, Elder Arsenios, is always mentioned. But until now, very little has been known about his life (at least in English). This is a wonderful little book (just over 200 pages) which contains the life of Elder Arsenios both during his struggles with Elder Joseph, and the 24 years he lived on the Holy Mountain after the repose of his holy Elder. I won’t try and actually review this text, other than to say that it is yet another way to learn about the continued operation of the Holy Spirit in the world today, continuing to shape the great cloud of witnesses.
The continued publication of books about genuine modern elders like Elder Joseph and Elder Arsenios is a wonderful spiritual banquet for us to dine from. May God continue to bless strugglers such as these with His Holy presence, and also bless those who struggle to make their lives known to those of us in the world.

The book “Elder Arsenios the Cave-Dweller (1886-1983): Fellow ascetic of Elder Joseph the Hesychast” can be purchased

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