Many of my friends from Seminary, at my asking, took a look at my blog. I wanted input and commentary both on homilies that I post, as well as at the links I had chosen to include. Because of the nature of fallen humanity, none of us entirely agree on issues such as these, but the opinions of those we know are important in helping us correct and focus our own worldview. One of my friends emailed back a comment—he was surprised that I had included a link to the Orthodox Christian Information Center. His comment was that articles on this site sometimes quibble about issues that are not of utmost importance to the salvation of our souls, and occasionally the articles resort to attacks on those who do not hold the same beliefs as the articles author.

Firstly, I would say that most of us make the same mistakes as those we might find on this website. But it is true that some of the content you might find here could be questionable to some Orthodox Christians. It is the nature of fallen humanity to bring to light and attack differences we might have with others. It is also within the human aspect of the Church (which is certainly a Divine Institution, but one which also includes us fallen human beings) that we don’t always agree with one another, and we argue over issues that should not divide us. We sometimes forget that we are here to live a life given wholly to God, and to lead others to that same relationship with their Creator.

With that warning—it is also true that this sight contains an enormous amount of very valuable information, both for those who are interested in learning about the Church, as well as for those who are in the Church and desire spiritual growth. If you ever have a question about anything you read here I feel it is my obligation, as the one who gave you this link, to offer to discuss anything with you. And if the point is important, it will be posted on my blog.

God bless, and here (finally!) is the link to the

  • Orthodox Christian Information Center
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