We are quickly approaching the beginning of the ecclesiastical year—the Church New Year—on September 1. But what exactly does this mean? Does the Church really follow a different timeline, so to speak, than the rest of the world? The answer is both yes, and no. As Christians we are called to be in the world, but not of the world. This applies to all aspects of our life. So in one sense, we certainly are not separated from the calendars of this world—school year, work schedules, birthdays, etc. But in another, transcendent way, Christians do follow a different calendar than those outside of the Church. Every “Church year” we relive the events of salvation history over the course of that year. Beginning with the Birth of the Theotokos at the beginning of September, the Annunciation and the Birth of the Saviour, reaching a high point at the end of Great Lent with the Death, Burial and Pascha of our Lord Jesus Christ, and finally coming to an end with the Dormition of the Mother of God. Throughout the course of the year, punctuated with the Great Feasts of the Church, we daily celebrate holy men and women both before the time of our Lord and since, who have lived their lives entirely dedicated to the Creator of Heaven and Earth. The Church calendar puts us into an entirely different train of thought, and entirely “other” understanding of time. Time no longer becomes the hinderance to the things we want to accomplish, but rather time is a reality of the Creation that is being sanctified along with everything else Created, by the life of the Christian Church. Not only do we celebrate the memory of the Saints and the Great Feasts of the Faith, but we also dedicated ourselves to true repentance (change) during the Fasting Seasons of the Liturgical Calendar. With only a few exceptions, every Wednesday and Friday are days of fasting—abstaining from certain foods (animal products, alcohol, olive oil) in order to learn self-control and the conquering of our untamed passions. Christian life is not simply a Sunday morning affair—it affects each of us every single day of our lives! As we enter a new Church Calendar Year, let us all re-dedicate ourselves to living, as fully as we are able, the life of the Church. Let us put as priorities the services and the fasts, and in doing so become a small part of the healing of our current sinful age.