As an Orthodox Christian priest, I feel a bit strange beginning a “blog.” My wife laughingly said, “I thought you hated those things!” when I showed her what I was doing. Our society has become so bizarrely voyeuristic, with everyone wanting to publicly display everything about themselves. It’s quite un-natural and un-healthy. We feel very uncomfortable being alone with ourselves.

But I do this with purpose (my excuse, I guess)-to publish, in one place, many quality links about Orthodox Christianity. The idea is to provide online resources for people who would like to learn about the Orthodox Church, and for Christians who would like to learn and grow in their faith. I pray that someone will find some use for these (as they are added slowly…I’m still trying to figure out formatting).

Purpose #2-I will also post homilies and random meditations on Scripture/Writings of the Holy Fathers/Christian Life in the World today.

May God bless you.